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After years of industrial development, Feishang has developed five core businesses, namely nonferrous metal resources, iron and steel, transportation and logistics, coal energy and forestry. The Group is also focusing on three main budding businesses, i.e. tourism, energy and commercial property. Other seed businesses of the Group include chemicals and education.Each of Feishang’s five core businesses has a leading company as its capital platform for capital consolidation, so that capital investment and industrial operation are developed together and at the same time mutually benefit and support each other. The leading companies are: Xinke Materials for our nonferrous metal and mining business; Wuhu Port for our transportation and logistics business; CHNR for our coal energy business; Jiangxi Pinggang, which is under preparation for public listing, for our iron and steel business; as well as Jiangxi Feishang Forestry for our forestry business.

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