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The Group Held a Work Report Meeting for Affiliated Companies

May 3, 2011



During the period from the 22nd day to the 24th day of April, the group held a work report meeting for affiliated companies in Nanchang. Four affiliated companies, i.e. Bayannaoer Copper, Feishang Forestry, Xinke Materials, and Feishang Energy, reported their work to leaders and related departments of the group.


In 2010, the world economy was complicated and changeable. Despite of a difficult macroeconomic environment, all affiliated companies of the group worked hard and realized an annual sales income of nearly RMB 40 billion. Behind this great achievement there are certain experience worthy of summarization and some problems worthy of consideration. All affiliated companies shared or summarized such experience or lesson. At the meeting, their leaders introduced in details the challenges or opportunities these enterprises will face, their development goals, and the supports they expect to obtain from the group.


Board chairman Li Feilie, executive vice president Rao Chenghui, vice presidents Li Feiwen & Wu Yuqing, assistant president Han Weibing, head of the Operation & Management Center, head of Capital & Tax Headquarters, and leaders of CHNR also attended the meeting. Leaders of the group said at the meeting that the group would not stop the steps to develop affiliated companies and but expect all enterprises continue to work hard and reach a new high in business achievement.
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