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Feishang Group’s 2010 Commendatory Meeting Held in Nanchang Ceremoniously

Apr. 25, 2010




On April 22, the group’s 2010 Commendatory Meeting was held successfully. Different from the commendatory meeting held in previous years, the commendatory meeting was held in Nanchang and undertaken by Pinggang Holding Co., Ltd. It was the first time that the group’s commendatory meeting was held at the location of an affiliated company. Li Feilie, board chairman of the group, gave an annual work report at the meeting. Tu Jianmin, board chairman and general manager of Pinggang Holding Co., Ltd., introduced the experience accumulated in the development of PISC.


The commendatory meeting is held annually and it is a great corporate culture event of Feishang Group. The group and its affiliated companies attended the event to praise individuals and teams with an excellent performance in the preceding year, aimed to create a corporate culture atmosphere advocating dedication and contribution. With the expansion of the group, the number of award winners also rise year by year. At this meeting, 16 employees were elected as outstanding employees          and three teams as excellent teams. Compared with the meeting held in the preceding year, the number of individual winners and team winners realized an increase of 3 and l respectively. Winners came from all pillar industries or affiliated companies of the group.


In the speech of board chairman Li Feilie, he expressed congratulations to winners and expected their more achievements in the following year. He said: “Feishang is a big family and a big stage. Feishang’s current accomplishments rely on all Feishang employees’ contribution, loyalty, discharge of duties, and overcoming of difficulties.” He added: “Feishang’s success relies on the success of values, the success of the idea of good faith, responsibility, surpassing, and value increase. We are confident with each other and we can increase values, realize a win-win outcome, and build a bright future hands in hands because we are in good faith, have the courage to assume responsibilities and surpass anything”. Finally, he said: “under the new macroeconomic situation, Feishang will experience some hardships in future development. However, we will surely overcome all difficulties and build a bright future”.


Tu Jianmin also pointed out in his experience introduction that the reason PISC made a success was that it created good corporate culture. The slogan “fixing your eyes on internal management” has been rooted in the jobs of management and become a working method. “We should find out subjective reasons instead of just emphasizing objective factors. The fate of the enterprise is under our own control”.


After the meeting came to an end, the Pinggang Bosheng Art Troupe performed their programs, including vigorous dancing, enthusiastic singing, humorous cameo performance, and specially-prepared singing & dancing program named Flying, for all the people present at the meeting. These attractive programs brought a perfect end to the commendatory meeting.

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