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“Mountains” and “Water” are the cultural representations of Feishang. They symbolize Feishang’s corporate spirit and cultural characters.

Mountains – solemn and respectful: It symbolizes Feishang’s emphasis on responsibilities and trust.

Mountains – strong and persistent: It symbolizes Feishang’s persistence in upholding its principles and striving toward its goal.

Mountains – extensive and far reaching: It symbolizes Feishang’s aspiration to soar high and its great breadth of mind.

Mountains – prosperous and luxuriant: It symbolizes Feishang’s wide variety and extensive diversity.

Water – quietly nourishing others: It symbolizes Feishang’s modesty, low profile and benefaction to others.

Water – constant dripping wears away a stone: It symbolizes Feishang’s perseverance, diligence and practicality

Water – limitless and accommodating: It symbolizes Feishang’s gathering of vast resources and riding of national and global trends.

Water – pure and clear: It symbolizes Feishang’s transparency of its operations and the straightforwardness of its structure and standards.

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