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With industrial operations as its main activity, Feishang Group is an investment holding group set up in 2000 in Shenzhen, the touchstone for China’s reform and opening-up policy.

Feishang aims at becoming a respectable leader and consolidator in different business segments. After ten years of dedicated efforts, the Group has successfully developed four core businesses, namely nonferrous metal production, iron and steel production, transportation and logistics as well as coal mining. Together with the newly developed business of forestry, the Group has clearly established itself as an entrepreneur specialized in natural resources.

As at the end of 2010, Feishang has directly or indirectly control or invest into four listed companies, controlling a total asset of more than RMB 25 billion. With a total market capitalization of over RMB 20 billion and taxes paid to the nation and local governments accumulating to RMB 8 billion, these listed companies boast an annual sales volume of RMB 40 billionand a strong manpower comprising over 25,000 staff.

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